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 - NEWS OF THE GRANGES.: .The membership .in...
NEWS OF THE GRANGES.: .The membership .in .lheirenge ta" Sew Tork Slate Is Increasing with unusual unusual rapidlty.r'W'ord cornea to us that The Texas, N. T Orange united one evening recently Aut - terlltx Orange - with the O. A. It. - In I heir eiercbxs of Columbia County, took, In 2 mem - on Memarlat Day. State Secretary beta: North La nains; Orange initiated Gliea dcllyercl the address. IS, Krndrew Orange Tt and "a .large' number, of our Granges have added The New England Ftirmer is suthor - from 5 to new members at a meet. Ity for the statement that at the Ing. to March meeting of Mountain Pomona .that Rational vMaster'Jonea asked for at Eatt Canaan. Conn., there was atendance of. WJ. an at the Clean meet Inn. Dr. .John Trimble, secrrtsry of the National Orange, writes under date of May 33. - "Total number nf wange organised organised frcm October I. 1WI, to May SJ. I' - n'. Is' 30S: reorj - nnigcJ in nm period &S. This la ah encouraging record. record. w...n.ik. - aaami.n lt b North Lansing Orange. No 331 la on of our strong Orange,. On Msy tX they initiated M tun.l'.datr.. and now have 160 membera. Th - y have' - 'Jurl completed payment of ll.noa for their grange ball Inrludliur full equipment of dlshea and silverware for their "cul' - nary dcpartment." Speaking of the West Milton Orange, Saratoga County, tho Utlca Preia, ays: '"This grange haa a commodious and attractive home, which im a recon - .structcd. . residence: - plearantly - Jucated In the village o. West' Milton. The partltlona were ' removed between the mala' rooms on tbe first floor, making a larger and elegant balL With a large dining: room, a line lawn, good barns and other conveniences, the grange is. the must attractive and popular Institution in the town." at ; With the rnthnslarlrm whiti stlcn'i rapid . Increase In menser, there Is The Grange caa do ita beat work, so, far as the comfort and peisonal welfare welfare of ita individual meinbera are con - eemed, right inthebualcst partor the year. The meetings, should lie 'made. . vh - - ,, , wov ,., m."., ,. .uvar ,s ,, .. ., . .. . . - ... lobllHyJotlettI - ig down tile ba - sr""""?"' and admitting to our - anka those wh sre. Ineligible If not unworthy. Let the gates ' - be carefully guarded! Let sir seek iiuallty rather than quantity. Th.e prospects are that next session of the National Orange will be honn - v ed with two governors wim - ng Its mem. bers. namety State 'Mas'er tlenrge It. Ilorton of Michigan, an I N. J.llachct - der of New ilampehlre. Ho!h of these men hold high offldal positions in th National Orange. ' if he oinclal will only take a little trouble to get up programs. The Orange entertainment,' flowar and etrawbcMjr frtlvaU,eXcurslgn or pic. nics have a decided value to the man and woman who are wearied by the "hard grind of farm work, In Hi? rush, 'season.' Keep the Orange going throughout the ye ir. This Is good' ad. vice from the New York Farmer. The State Fair will he held on the State Fklr irrounda at Syracuse th week beginning Monday. September . ,l!Hi It Is expected that the New Tork State Orange will have a i - aduar1c ) bulMlmr - 'on the gmunfts durlnar" th week and there will be a special gratia; day aa usual Grange Day at Thousand Island will be Aug. 1. and .tickets will ! sold going. the lith and returning - th tld. Tbe best grange speskers In Hi country will he. present. Worthy Matter Matter Gardner of the Maine StateGrahRi - will be present Oov. Odell has been invited. The Executive Committee will meet early In June, ( com let - srrsngemeots. The order of Patrons of lusbandry was Oral knbwnaa the" United States Lodge. The" narhe was not altogether eattefartory tb the founders and ,'hey took Into conalderation several other names. Among them, were Independent Independent Farmers.' 'Independent Order' of Progreasivr Farmers, 'Knights of the 'Plough. Knights of (he Sickle. Knights of the Flail and Sons of the Soil. ' This:, brought the matter dawn to IM7 It still ' being unsettled. The simp, league of Huslandiy waa 1h n ,ugge!tei ard thF word - grange" waa augajested , to take the place of the word "lodges." Then another name was suggested. Patrons of Industry,' and finally the word "husbandry" "husbandry" waa' substituted for the word "industry" and the order waa christened christened "Patrons pf - Husbandry. . The report of the N. V: Slate renttij - irganlxatlon of co - orVrallve fire Inaur - ! PUNn,nla, ,hnu - a k. n ... . ', town snif ctiunlv ,iBnlu H;....... (le . - .T T - .. :. v...,m.. JIIUUTHO - a..;!, are Kranxe rompunles, with aa insurance in force Jan. l. - lreif, of K3. I'.tit Tho lirKC. - t grange Jrsuran e compnny In 1he state Is th IV F. It, v. of Jeffersoh and lrwls, wlU JTtStKI tiJorte Jan. I, lnoi ; DEBT DECREASE ' IN JUNE. I13.0I3. - U3: Washington, July 1. The alatrnient of the public debt at the close of the nscal year. June 30. ISO, shows that debt, less cash In the tt - ea - iury. amounted 10; (MS.UTJtr, "which Is a" decrease aa compared with - May 30, 1C. of 31S.OI3.3 - H. Th's decrease .Is accounted accounted lor by a iorrerpoid:ai Inc eae In' the amount of 'cash on hund. A ..New Hampshire ;rance was di - ilrous - of erecting a . - rnuo hall, aid alloyed a mmlerto stmt' a .chain lettf.lo cet fuivls. Yhe" chain w. rA le. rjntliki.1. until ina was rrvrhed ach person to seisl ja cents.. A math - mgthlsn hds figured It out that If .IV' .NK.tltLY A UILIJO.N IHLL.ll SE3 - SIOX, Waelrtnglonr July i - - hlrman Can. Slim, of the House aupropriatloo com' mittee, to - dky prevented, a stateanent of iiw pinn'ri(iuns maue at tne presvfil icesion of Conxresa.' showing a total .,ew. - a,. not Including.. the,. lar - r - j halm was kept untiroken tbe ton I 'amounts that will be required tor the amount received would hare h 1 istnmian canal, and nubnc Tou Idina and ii."ii.n.!i3i,t37,t; enough to build n river and haibor contracts. very - comrortable grrje halt It la t . be hoped that there was' a "mlwint - llng." and seVeraf of them. In th' chain. Newark Orange. In Wayne Oouniy haa recently installe - t an clegs n Acetylene gas lighting plant in th - i new hall, :The pots'b HMes or ,a. - - ety - : lent, for llgHting gra ng; hgfa l bryoo t the e - erlment, s;sje, for ll fiirnl.he a brilliant and economical light',''' - Cuxhaven Instead of Hamburg la to be the future home port cf the Ham - 1 burg - American liners. The chanae ia being made on account of the Increaa - 'i ing shallowness of the river Kbev The twenty - twv shipyards of tlenna - y iwj - w.vw uito. t The olive all rod'uet of tlle'vear In Andalusia amounta to about. t,U0,0O - L Wayne County, has i he honor of be J1' .'.' ..' ' T Ing the beet organisaT'of any county, - ' ... '..'.t '; In - rheertle. ss the"terrllory::avallablt" ,'Accordlnglinia' - psus ,)sken there is nearly all covered ' and tb Orange 'are - lasi - llebrews'lln India; St.irvrlyf have the highest average membership: one - thlrd of Ihefnrare Europeana. - The me urange tneretakrsa active in - ,' rest are descendants of tho. wtw claim. In all "public Viim eaplng a rich 're - ggf ',," ' - t. .EiE!? ,"d' - ."' reign of Solomon. eree; "ii , - "'"S"JNrt4 - :2 - S,'ir it - Ki; L -

Clipped from Poughkeepsie Eagle-News02 Jul 1902, WedPage 8

Poughkeepsie Eagle-News (Poughkeepsie, New York)02 Jul 1902, WedPage 8
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