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, v PA TENT FAMILY' , MEDICINES, , TE PLirR. M A1S0N, has iusi r. IT ed a new supply cf Lee's ctKbr, mellictnes, which are.ln hih ti, throughout the United btates ;rot lh cure ol mest disuses lo which the hsiu, oooy is uauie Paiticulary, i ;. Ifervout dttcrdcrt r. i... .v h'ormt. CetJi&Ccughi, ititAma, Canr "'""' Gout, Witumu. nm, K Petty, J.cA, DiKaietnf the tin H Mian covjri. Hamilton's Fssvnce of' Mustarit llus medicine has a Wurderluf tflU in easing and renioving - Rheumstinj Gout and Palsey. Also dispersing hV.' laridstirfnessoft'ie ntkaid joints, ss(tl. K - 1 ed hteabts, white Swelling, &c. Hj, - - reds can afest to the virtues ol this tnci ictnta Ifahns Genuine Eye Waltr, A 'oveieiu; itu. dv ior all disuj( ot tnt eve,wvr eneci ot natnrM .... iiik innammations, deflLxx.!, rheum, dul tn.o. ;,t.: , . "' s eves, never fai hip - in r,.r. .i. - . - - q"1S t'.es whuh fr.quvnily sucevtd the tart ,ox, nicasits unci le t,s, ai.d 01t(;t ful.y stieiiKthening a week sigh . H dreds experienced its exttlkt '"" - ' iiy neprjveil of sight, Sovereign Ointment Jar the Itch, Wh rli iv. tu u s - ns,.i . T. . it .,i . ;" : . : :" : " " '",0le " .. - j . jjjj leuuun, onu niaV i , '""""i' y piegivn , . xHuwmiicK oki, lot tuntaini. u panicle of tueuu.y ot onv danpJ ingredient w Lattv r, ,t d . - . not accon Z led will, that to'iiitniinj!. smart stliil itcnus tht rxiiil) tiono - other remediei, jdumiuon's J - .lixir. Lausits, .mhu as, lu,c 'Ihroais, mi at JT - ""; - vi uiyjicuj lopar uts noni,y have Cbildrt'nJ - ......., ,., ,, ,iu lng i ough,jlii, iscovtri is oi the hut ni:ignitude;isK ..u.u iH.uiuiuie - itnei. cneeks ihtpw. gless, unci in a shor, time entirely )eJ uo es the inott ci uel t isomers, to w'hick eiiiiiiicuaic I'uoie , mt JviX.I ISJOpef. i iu) oKici ioic, . iki Hit cole SOiinjIll .. ,w .iumi .uises in taking it. Hamilton's form Lozenges in adoiuon to the ustim ny of Us, Chancello of Maryland recently publnli. edlhe propiutoisof the above meiika beg leave to lay the following letter be. fore the pub.ic. A mass of oidenceoli same naiuie may lie seen at ih oi sale. piVe mer inspecttoa - Commun - catedbvDoctoryjmSjmnijIcTtXsli 'Jostn, t'lntisutatiia. t i.etter 110m the Keverei d Mr. JOHN MOLTHER.Miii.te. .f the Mor'ri. anvwiiuicniu ytiu - lown. Dsab - ih, ,1 Doctor Hamilton's Lizenpes havW been leiomtnendcd o me as a very ad. equate means for the" cuie oliMidrii .Illicted with vv. mis, I p.ioiui.d a lot, lor the use ol in) Ian ily, totry whtthtt y, might ber'f a'aled to Katn a poin'.wl.le lio Bcromplish diuertnt other means hud prietl abor. live. M tlde - t hov had a veiy sickly appear - nce, was vei) restless at t,iKh(, giew leanti aid Ic.ner from lime 16 time ; in shon he seen ed to Le in a'nrea cm inns state o h .Ith, n hich viuuU jhU . ....... .j ,,lc mst.ictncsiuministctfd until until 1 gave nim twoi uses of Lrztiites, ugieeab.v lo the dirntions, wh'icli canied 11 a - uusiance to fcil ppe uunce a mucus, uut upen a th,se qunoiepi - te with erv small Imne an; Uiuls. N.t o.e nf Hint sou of woi ins hich usually aHl..ttl,iiriren,came from him. Slice that ntrlod h r..u ... natkably b.ttei in health, an.i ,1,,. .h. I tin hio !. . r. t. . . .. ... .1,9 ?ivi u nc - .li inu iMtrly co picb fill. I Ti...n !il . "., WIJUII UiJl ILIll nr'AUtnno T ,.u,ak. t - s - - - we..wn IBS iiistu inumeiticiiie as q nmuinr ..hL tltfa. ;w, l.k..n i O ' ..,.. .u .uuhii mo answer e - Meuiing. ly will, without bnngii.goii bellv - aide or hi.y of those riisag.teable stiismiuos,. ooUen occus.oned by puiiii.g n.rtln cne;. Up. 1. the wlol.,1 JulKe ,1.1s medicine tube, besid.s uk main , btect one of the most balutaiy means (01 rti itoiingiost appetjte.pioii oiing a pie.per' siaie - .by ranji.g oti last 'Jilious s.bstaice, whuh tugenrieis'10 .i.ech ii.dibpob.nou both among chilurio and adults, 1 an., sit, Your m st obedient servant, ' JOHN MOLUUR,

Clipped from Poughkeepsie Journal06 Jan 1813, WedPage 4

Poughkeepsie Journal (Poughkeepsie, New York)06 Jan 1813, WedPage 4
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