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Poughkeepsie journal 
Poughkeepsie Ny
Sept 29 1819 - ls composed nHslk,you lnv'e your hut band...
ls composed nHslk,you lnv'e your hut band wlthvon, Ihive none, and wht re tjilnt loiiii! bul the prncpect nf perishing nr losing ni: I have ;" I jipahv ln.de her lake comfort, orfl assured, her l - jwouM lrirkc rnrd whatever she might happen ;lolne , About evcriing the army arrived nt Sir nto.a l lie Ili'Mirn drenched with rain, 'laV'dnwn on some straw rear a la ge fi'c, lid in this situation with her wet dress continued all nielli. On (lie mowing of I lie 7tN at 10 o'clock the retreat as or .'tie fed to he r'on'lmiel,and Cm. Bttrgoyne , canted (tie: homer and mill or General Schuyler, In be consumed ; hut this inarch wm short, Provisions nnW began to fail, tlirnnit!. Improper conduct in the comml - suty deparinv nl : mo'e'tlian thirty of fleets applied to tlie Baroness who gencr - ouslv shared wiih thcrri uch provisions a. her calash .fTnfdcd. About two o'clock .nthef'ernoon firing commenced, all was alar", and every thin); wasjn motion. ' M) husband told me to goto o liousr. no' far off carcel had we reached it before 1 diarjveied five or six armed itkh on the o'tWr tide of the Hudson ; ins'inct - .jiely 1 threw my children down in o the calash, and then concealed myself with the m A that moment. the fellows fired Bid wounded an already wour - d"d Englih BoldierV who was behind me ; poor fellow, I pitied Ijitii exceeding y, but at that mo - men' I bad no power to relieve hint" On ihe'house in which Mad.ime Rcide - set toi k shellei, the - Americans kept up a mrt cannonade, supposing the British Genera s were in It ; i contained, howev cr. none bui woui tied and women We weteM last obliged to resort to the cellar for irfuge, and in one corner of tins I remained the whole day. tnjr cliil - dieii sW eping on ihe earth with their heads In my lap ;nd in the same eitua'i'iii 1 passed a sleepless night. Eleven cannon balls passed through the house, and we con'd distinctly hear them roll away. One poor soldier who was lying' on the table, for the pin pose of having his lei; amputated, was at i tick by a shot which carried away his other; his comrades bad left htm in acoinei of. lie room) into which lie bad oepi inoie dead ,lhaii alive, scarcely breathing" The want of water obliged her to drink 3'5he and to five it to her chlldien. The constant danger other husband kept her in a state of wrctchedncss',of trembling anxie ty; he ncser entered his tent to repose, but lay. whole nights by the watch fiie in the cold month orUrtober. The want ofwatrr became daily mure distressing; a su'dicr'a wife was the only peison who would ven. tuietu the river to fetch any, as the A mcricuns fired on every male person who appioicht - d ihe liver, but from respect to lierVcx they never molested her. Six days ihe, Baroness remained in this situation in u cellar and in the nildsl of miserv : yet alio had suffi tent fortitude to be of gieat service in attending the wounded, and. she ftetlv imparted to them such rapuiishmmit as she was able to offer. At :Oii; lime she gave food prcnaicd for' her owndinner to u Canadian offiiei, who had srB - ctly the power to hold himself up wiintliUt wi.h fattgUR and liuneer. She und - nook the care of M.ijor niooiufi - d, 'whoh"d received a musket ball through bp'ih' ihieks, which in its course hid knocked jui teyeialof his teeth, and. cut' bi.'ongue. he could hold nothing in bis rnouh.Yii d the matter which ran bom his ..Wound almost choked liiu;" undi - r the Care ofll - L UjK.ntrssand by ths aidol tuch 1 .rhiuutives k she uppiied, he recovered ; to.be ever gratelul to in kind fiiend. Dnr. Ink uitse h'x diys, her. husband, uc.ori - p .liitd b) Gen. Philips, paid one visit to the cellar, when the latter, said, s I would , cot for. '10,000 guineas tonie'again to this plaee, Bi); heart is almost briiken." A cessation now took, place, and a con Veiition ya agreed on. It.wis "proposed in a council of war, to break this c - nven - tion, but the muj'iiity were, for adhering toil.1 On i lie I6ih (Jen. Ketdescl. attain h..d 'o repir to hta posl, and his wife once more to' her, glodmy subterranean' anart. .trienl'.; ,.1.lie nubsiqucnt .transaciions are taut iciaieu oy me .uaroness. M Oii;tlie ITih Oitob r u,e conveniioii ; wis ctiinpieieil, General Burgoyne.and the oinei.peiicrals waitrd.on Ihe American General (Gates ;) the. troops laid duwn thili aims, an I gave themselves up pris - oncit oi.war i aim now, the. good woman tvbo h id tUDplled us with water at the h.ir - r J of her life, received ihe reward of her ei vices" each ol lis threw a handful of minty lino her apron, and she got alto - gKh'er about twenty guineas. At such a moment as tins, bow suaceptible is the heart uf gisliitidt'.i'' . My husband atnt a menace to me to elrhe oyVi'lb him with my children. I seiied myself once more in my dearca lash, aud i hi n mile Ihrouth the American Jcaiiip. As'lpissed ;n, I obstrvrd (and tnib was a gieat ioiisiaion tu mejthaWio .one'eved me'wi h looks of ritentment, b'u - . tint Ibcy il gneied us, and evenshoxtrd . io - iiwijiou in ineir countenances at Ihe sight of a woman with imail childien. 1 vT;.I oifcis, afraid to go over t ihe en. emy ii w - squic a new ! uiliomo me. , neo a. - i'cw near ine lents, a lunisome njiu ainoclicd and met .ne, took my ' pbi'idrrp from ihe calash, and huggeci snTj kissed ibetn. which affected me i llmosi ;to tears. ' You treinblo" ' said be. addres - int hirosell to me, ' be hvii ftlraid "', '..Nii, I oiswcred. " you sce.ii a, mia n - a. lender to my ibidren, irinspiie uie. wi h courage" He now led hie jo'iheVtem ul Gen. Gates, where 1 tuui'4 Gtiiefais Qurgoyue and fhiiips,wiio tic on a incouir (uounjc wrn ne lorro nr a goyne a m o me, . nevei mind, n'jjr - ",iurVuw have iin, n end " !,, Xwvred iitti'thai . I 'should be rrprchcnn' ry lo nave iny crc,a in naanone ;, cl ra le'ed to see him on iuch aiiend b'liii'witii uen, uni - i. ah the generals bu)iuct1 tu iliue wtta Uu Galea." ," Tlio same jjemlemtn who received me so kindly, now came nnd Slid lo me, " You v: be ery much embarrassed to eat t'ithat thee( gentlemen ;w " come with, your children to my. tent, wtrero I will prepare you frugal dinner, and give it with a free will" said. " Vou are certainly a husband and a father, you have shown mc so much kinilnesn." I now Tound ilvat he was General 'ScHVTt.Kn He treated me with excellent smoked tongue, beef steaks, potatoes and butter! Never rould I have wished to eat a belter dinner l T w.is content I J saw all around me were so likewis"! ; nnd what ws better than all, my husband ,was out of danger 1 When we had dined be told me his .resilience was at Albany. and thai General llurgoyno in - tended to honor him us his guest, and invited myself and children lo do so. like wise. I asked my husband how I should net; tie told me to accept the. invitation As it WdR tWO 'fl.,Vft I'lnrnnv ihpm. t.M .l vised mc to s place which was about ihree Hours rule clisunt. tjen. riclutyler had ihe politeness to send mc a French officer, a very agreeable man I when he had escort eel me to the bouse where 1 was to remain, he turned back again In the hniixe I found i French surgeon, who hud under his care u Mninswlck officer who was mortally wounded, and died some days afterwards." 'I'lii - Fiencli surgeon was impud tit nnd impertinent, and attempted to pay some stupid compliment." Some days after we nriived at AH'aoy. wbeio we so ofieu wished nun - elves : but 'we did not enter' it as we especed we' should victors ! We were ret civeri by the rrod General Schuyler, his wife ami daughter, nil as enemies, bin as kind friends; and they treated us with the most milked attention and politenesis, s ihey did General Durgoyuc, who had caused General Schuyler's beautifully finished house to be burnt : in fact Ihey behaved like persona of exalted minds, who deter mined to bury all recollection oK their own injuries in the contemplation of our mis - foi'iuncs. Genual ilurgnyne wan shuck with General .'Schuyler's generusiiy, and said to'nim " You show me great kind - iicbs, although 1 havo dona vnn mitrl, in. jury I" ' Thai was the fate of war," re plied the brave man, " let us say no rnoi e about it." Such is the account this interesting lady has given ol her auA'eririgs. Ho musi Americans feel their bosoms glow at the iccollectl'jii tlut ihey are die countrymen of the brave, tlie gi'nt Schuyler. rilOUTHKK EVCKINS FOST Recent case of Hydrcihaoia, cured by the Sculicaft. The following history of this case jvas received bv. yesterday's mail, in a letter, from the physician who attended the patient to Dr. Spalding, who is engaged in piepaiing a publication on this important subject. ' Montague, (Mait.) Jug. 26, 1819. DearSn I send you the particulars of a case that occurred in my practice, leav. "H n o jou to cuspove ol it, in any man. nc, uiai 7,11, may juuge proper. Mr. H - ' .' brloniritlff tnttila lit - ti of a heahhy contiiiuijon. 2 rears of age, uuirii, on ine mill aay ol July last, by a puppy four months old, supposed, by hersellarid her friends, io be mad. The lollowini.' weti the marks he shewed ofra - biea s On Saiiii.day, the 3d, he refusid nis accustomtd lood ; appeared stupid and airk'V, head nnd ears hanging down, and Shewed nu disnosiiion I'nr nlucTnln... itn the 4lh, stilt relused lb eat ; his eyes were ieu, uuu ana iuii ol leais , and his mouth covered with apparently iourIi and frothy slime; he frequently staggered and fell """ unirinnes smrita up quick, and attempted to run. but cobld not go straight forward; took little notice of any thing; towaids evening snapped at objects, but never barked On Monday morning be became furious; ran at eveiy 'thing that came in his way, and attempted lo bile ; at length aetua.ly did bite tho lady above mentioned, on the ball ofthe thumb, making Jour incisions through the skin. He was then immediately killed. On the same d.y she sent for me, ami I advised the immediate uae of the scull cap ; but, not having any on hand, I was only nble to procure some of another person, which ua.i uccii gauierea iwo years betore, and had lain exposed lo ihe open uir in a box ; with directions' to giv, it every other day, as prescribed by Dr. IhatcherJ She did so, and the wound healed in a few day's. with no. unpleasant symptoms. But on the fifteenth day after the bile, she felt a slight pain or itching in ihe' pirt b'uien, which soon became 'a little elevated, and a cir. cumscriiied inflated spot, about the sire 61 a sixpence, arose and extended over ihe cicatrix of one ol ihe mari8 of the dog's teeth; soon afterwards, she felt a fixeu pain in the wrist, which extended to hei elbow, and ahortly increased and reached" to her shoulder; wamlnin,. pains in her baca an,! juiii.t succcededi she iult pain - lul and .irange scnsaii.... inher head' nd iomtiimes aisu a giddiness, so that she toU!d not walk straight forwards ; she now complained ol sitde, with siictuie and heavuie,, ,n her breast, accompanied i h d.fficulty uf breatlving. O . perceivinj iiese alarmm, symptoms, I conclude thai the plant lud lost .t iriue, uy !.d exposure, and rndeavored to procuie Mime tecent grnwih, which fonuiiately 1 obiamtd and iu blossom; of this 1 o.de.ed a strong decoction lo be Uket immediate. ly, in doses ol half a pint easii, four times a day ; to be suspended every other day4 and a table spoonful ot fljur of sulphur in new milk lo be taken in its stead. For ihe g.iealer precaution, I also punctured ihe uitten pan winch discharged a litf.e watery fl.iidr and app icd lo it the bruised leaves ot the plain, which I renewed once every 5 6 hours. On the 16th day. symptoms we ebui'imlcWaied. and her VUJseauwtwhajueureawd j but she had h a a

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