Miss Lane Defeats Miss Gauss to capture title at golf club (1/2) 21 Oct 1929

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Miss Lane Defeats Miss Gauss to capture title at golf club (1/2) 21 Oct 1929 - Miss'Lane DefeitsMissGauss - l To Capture'Title...
Miss'Lane DefeitsMissGauss - l To Capture'Title at Golf Club ' O r, ...... Local Resident Wins Women' Championship By 5 Up and 3 To Play in Excibng Match from Vaiwar College Student Mlae Barbara Lane won tho women' champlonehlp of the Duteheee Oolf and Country Club when aho defeated illae Hlldeaardo Oauaa, Vaaaar artudent and ouallfylnc round medallet, by. a ocore of I up and 1 to play In a lntereaUna match yeeUrdar afUrnoon." - r " - .: T": "' nrat ..Tiaaiplonahlp playlnr before a nod alio arallarr and under the cloudleaa aky of a beautiful Indian rummer day,, the two rlrla - matched ehote for the honor of wlnnlnr the flfat cham. plonahlp tournament of ladle held at the local dub In ten yeare. ' Althouah' Xreouertly . outdrlran from, the too by the 'Vaaaar Ctrl. W lea Jane played ;a ataadf jwune lu i) ueins aooia juaamena ana, vw - ln partlcuUrly effecUre with ha? approachlnc and puttlnc. Both rtrla lUrted from the'flrat tea with lone drttee and were well over the croea ditch In two Viae Oauaa pulled her third to the loft of the rreen.whlleMlea Lane waa luat .off. the edae Jf Iha. rreea Jn J. Both were on tho sreen with their fourth ehota and. Hleo.Lan went down In the regulation two putta while Mlaa Oauaa required 'four. Mlea Lane, 1 up. Via Lane allced her tea ahot Into a dump of treat while Mlaa Oauar drive waa etralrhf but ehort. The Vaaaar Ctrl recovered recovered well, almoat reachlnr the rreen with her aeoond.' Mlaa Lane need up three ahote comlnr out of the troea and rout h and thro more In reachlnr reachlnr the green, going down In eight. Mlaa Oauaa waa on In three and down In fire, equating the; match. awll - IBW - l' aaaaaaaal iillLgalaaa. " ataataaW iSOl'" jBS gHlilililililH vx ' - " ... ,IIK?71 . kiUtt P9ieW I oaaBBBBBwP'v aKZjLwai' HK$ILlglH fxeHTlJt aVatawalwH ' P?X.ig - lw.a - B fTeweH I Jj. - . " TiwHI KISfi BARBARA IAXf. HOOVER STARTS Even ea Third Ulaa Oauaa pulled, her third) tee ahot and caught the rough on the left, Mlaa Lane'e drive waa long and down the middle of the fairway. Both played their. aacond. ehota ehort iif tho - aajM - trtpe' - 'anardJi'tlia green. The Vaaaar glrl'a third Uot rolled over the green but aharecov - area oeauuruuy. ana eana ner putt for1'e1wrnvrWaaU'MHIeys'' a pretty approach, ahot tnfaaaaa a bid for a btrdle four,", but tntaaed and (bad to .b$ ' content with' a, par nte.' The fiuuh waa etlH even.; . Both glrla bad Icaglahota oft the fourth i tee . - althourh 'Mraa aaoaa vound.up.ln.Oha rough on Jha JlgUt while Mlaa Lane'e waa atralght down the middle. MVaa" Oauaa played hr aecond abort of, the aand trap 'while Ulaa Lane boldly played over the trapa and almoat reached the green with her aecond. The Vaaaar girl again waa over the green with, her third 'while Ulaa Lane again" approached brilliantly, her. ball atopplng about four feet from the hole. Ulaa Oauea eenlc a pretty, putt for a par five but thla ON DETROIT TRIP Plans To Pav Tribute fIS!jfll9SSii9TSa:. io Crtiuoa loaay peiOCONTINUE - )). P i: - :. ' Lists Three; Addresses During His Tour and aha aank her - putt (Or a btrdle i, becoming 1 up thereby. sOn 4he long flf tnt hole . M lie Lane'e drive waa well hit but. bit too far to the right, winding up In the rough. Mlea Oauaa - had a raw atralght drive with considerable roll. She. - followed thla with . two creaming braaale ahota, atralght down the fairway, almoat reaching the green with her third. Mlaa Lane came out of the rough on the right and rolled clear acroaa the fairway Into the rough on the left. She recovered recovered .well however, playing a nice' Iron ahot trom.a mean hanging hanging He and waa well on the green with fourth ahot. Here Mlae Oauae had the mtefortune of again hitting her apporach a little too hard and the ball Juat, trickled .oft the far end of the green and ' ' down a ateep bank. Thawaa 'theth1r4:eoneecu - tlve hole where"" the Vaaaar girl overran the green and It coat her the hole for Mlaa' ILane holed out with a par alx to become two up. (Continued, oa Page It) ' Aboard . Freaiaant ' Hoorrr'a train ea route to Detroit, Ote. - 4f) Bound "on ,'a mlaalon to amphaalae American, achievement - and domestic development, Preeldent Hoover was traveling Into the Middle Weet to nlghlVen the first long trip since he look office. Tomorrow night at Dearborn, he will" nay a' trlbuta to Thomas A, Edison, and American Inventive genlua aa part of the fiftieth annl vStwrrraTaonsrravsv lneandeecent electrlo lamp. Tuesday and Wednesday at Cincinnati Cincinnati and Louisville, the Prealdent will atteet to the 4rograas made in the building up of the nation's Inland Inland waterway ay at em by the completion completion of canalisation of the Ohio River from Pittsburgh, to. Cairo, Illinois, Illinois, providing an open route' for movement of the products of a rich territory to the Oulf of Mexico. - Accompanied by Mrs. Hoover, Secretary Good and a large party of White House offlclale and newe paper correepondenta, the Prealdent left Waahlngton late ils afternoon for th overnight run to Detroit. Before Before attending the Edlaon ceremonies, ceremonies, he 'will be - welcomed - to the city and 'to Michigan' by Mayor Lodge and Oovernor Green at public reception In the plasa. In the Michigan metropolis he will be the guest of - Mr. and Mra. Henry Ford. Of the Freeldenfe three ipeechee,

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  • Miss Lane Defeats Miss Gauss to capture title at golf club (1/2) 21 Oct 1929

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