Miss Lane Defeats Miss Gauss to capture title at golf club (2/2) 21 Oct 1929

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Miss Lane Defeats Miss Gauss to capture title at golf club (2/2) 21 Oct 1929 - tDSS BARBARA LANE WmS CHAMPIONSHIP 4 s.ftMtA...
tDSS BARBARA LANE WmS CHAMPIONSHIP 4 s.ftMtA from Ps 11 Mies Lane' tee shot on th Uth hel waa pand U t left and land - d 1ft what 1 commonly knwn - a "Heir Kltohn", Uha to.ulrd thru treU to mrgk from that unpopular unpopular soot and seared a el for the ki. uias Otuas played her ' tee hot to tha footof th hill at th right and again her approach ahot rolled acroa th 'green Just ff b edge. Howeviiv she laid her third ahot dead and sank th putt tot a par four. Miss Lane., 1 up. uiu nau slaved a beautiful leT ihot HftHht'doim lh - middle of th vntn fairway, iois ones w well ovsr 10 'yards. Mis Lanes drive waa abort of th sand trap on the right while hot second wound up among som tress near the rain shelter. It was not a desirable location location but the FiughkMpel fclrl slashed slashed a fln Iron ahot over a row of tree almoet to the green. Mia GauM aecond was a wll hit ahot to th top of th hill on, which th grsen Is located. It wa a llttl too far, however, rolling over near the old eleventh too where ah wa stymied by soma tra. In trying to play a low ehot under the trees her ball caught In som long grass Regain Her Zamd Agtla a th lttts halo Ula Oaua hit a fin long straight Iriv down th, m'ddl of th fairway, woicn a louewea p with a keaa. tlful hraatl shot. If - looked aa If in vaasargirl wa determined te repeat th rally that h ug4 la her sm.flnl round , match with Mr. E, x. Pehwartd However, ah selected an, hen club fort her intra snot, p - obabty rememUrlng her previous misfortune"' la" over playing; th rreens. This - proved to b a mlatake, for for tali failed to clear th bunker In front of ths frees Her hope wera reaswad when "Miss Ln pulld her .fourth shot Into th long its on th JtnU to th lefe - of th srn. d - Ins out ot.th hd bunker In fonr sK waa well on the green In Bv ajitajLanspare: with ber fifth ahot but ah sank a tin twenty.foot putt for a par sly. Man Otues trld hard to (Ink hr putt for a halt but It stoppsd a fw Inch short of ths cup. Mis Lane wa again i tip with but I holes f. matnlnr td'b played. on th short llth, both girls pull ad their ahoU a bit too far to th left and th ball hit en th left bank of th gr.en, Mia Las' reUInjr Into a sand bunker while Miss onnaet roUed beyond It - After flubbln. one shot, Mia Oauar third ahot roll, d acroa th green partly down th right bank. Ml Ian dunlleatsd around the foot of the tree and coming - cut th MIfd bunker, but " wort iuck in mat her ball rolled rolled Into another sand trap." Sh required required another ttroke to mlrge from thla hatard and her foorth ahot rolled a good eight feet bipud,Uu cup; her Opponent In the meantime having alto gone by the hoi about four feet up tha terrace which th.i green has.. Mlaa Lsne again sank a flv putt for a Av hut thla tlm.1 ?Jjfiaucccaal in holing stopped abruptly and her next shot did not roll down th bank on to the frn, aa the Vassar girl had apparently figured It would. On In five Miss Gauss required two putts for a seven which halved the hole for Miss Lans, while on In four, took three putts. Miss Lane, still 1 up. Eighth la Halved - fn - ths. aimrr - atTMhT - . - hoth r"R v"r"Prl lUCJcad nwr,lv mtaflA klt. ,' a.A u puu IOr t Half. II m... wmll puu wnicn drew well earned earned applauee from the gallery, viae Lane' wa I up. Th pond on the famou "tragedy hole." th fourteenth, held no terror for either of the girls, both being In th :nrl" with their tee ahoU. After After coming out of th bowr with her second. Mlm dalles one nor overplayed the green with her third - i. tiqwever, thla Urn Ulss Lane did likewise and both girl cam back onto th green In. four. ... ".' who wt" P"fUr beautifully, beautifully, laid her approach putt a few Inches from the cup for a euro sit wherefa. Mlaa acuta - approach putt wM,.?1" s ' , UnUUln "t footer which ah. ml - ,d Mto. t,n, WM ..w" uurmn lour. With th champlonabln In w.kt Mlas Lan placed hr tee ahot, on iv uneenin hole, to th edge of the ejreii - in(arTObs - 'as1 una Mis Lame Three Cp I - i"wmV. - .";v.ii" - ?" - ".. ". ....H. w. .w wivra aim I the hole wea halved In par threes Miss Lans, 1 up. Both girls had eom bad break on th ninth hoi Mlas Gauu sliced her drive up on to the second fairway fairway while Mlae Lane's drive kicked to the left, the ball rolling Into a ditch from wholh It had to be lifted lifted wTlira"beneTlyatroke. Her third ahet u over the ditch short of the green In the meantime, th Vassar girl had her bit of bad luck. In trlnr to get home from her portion portion on the top or the ridge on the second fairway, ah llcd hr ahot and th ball rolled Into the ditch to the right of the green. Here ehe made the mlaUke of trying to play out of the ditch Instead of accepting accepting a penalty etroke and lifting It out She waa unsuccessful, not only once but three times more., and when she Anally reached the green she hsd used up eight strokes to whlch - whe - sddedr - twmnorenii - nnl. lrnj - vnTtrvvTre'rsrieTrrcorrartTr i a tiz oy hiss Lane. Mies Lane Wjal tsar a tfjta, . aw ..a a . sa a.. as a. " w - aaav WUWII IUIT LaT (. w n a - ina B F aatLaa,ai Al a. a a.. Incoming nln. " , . 35 - Jt ."l - " - S. X S i. "v. T - ai m ner wsll out, war over the rid, an ft,. Mlll"WR,'H6Wf'.TISSJf5sSri a One second ehot between the two ana iraps which guard th green whll her opponent Brat want out of bound and thsn topped her next noc inio from do rotten, trtm eemlnr out oMhtrTO - ag hnhfTaatar e,a appipscn tnoi cropped In a eand trap and the finally holed out In nine etrokee wheresa Mlaa !... acored a well pUyed par I. Mlas Lane waa now I up. Undaunted by tha trouble ihah.j experienced on the last two holes, ths Vassar student clicked off an admirable drive on the at.v.mh bole. Miss Lane's bavin. i,.. straight but not vsry far. Miss Oauss followed her drive with . tre;' 'whereas "Mia "tane T reQuu - ed , ,0 ' bom and three putts 1e;or holing - out Mlas Cause two - PuM to' a snsppy par rive on this "" "'Q - Hiss Lans x up. mind when bjyed,hr faeusaot, for ah tencmeie it'.A - .v.t, ' .. .7 - - - - - - - ,. ,, jnio the water haaard fnam trkinh t - A ... lla - JJIt.wHIe. a - one - ulmke - pvtuQtr: I BJAISS .mjm .. a a a " - - u aiienaea nr next "'' in otii rolling Into a sand bunker and befor tha Vassar girl waa on th green sh was charged with flw strokes snd aithatfat. ... hol4ouUwlti - - nnaaido - hilr - putt for a six. Mis Lanor - playlngraef' easily was down In are, thereby end - .au inaico, i neir cards: I 0,o 1 IHIMII out' r l I I I I I I I I II Miss Lane ....4 IS444TI4I1 Miss Oaua l S I ? U Hi 4 It JJ II 14 It 14 IT II In Tot. 'ale.deu In Tot In the final of tha beaten al.se tournament; - Mrs. H. B. Thurston 4e - l tested Mrs. J. A. Wood. 4 up and 1 to play. (

Clipped from
  1. Poughkeepsie Eagle-News,
  2. 21 Oct 1929, Mon,
  3. Page 12

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  • Miss Lane Defeats Miss Gauss to capture title at golf club (2/2) 21 Oct 1929

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